Distance Learning & Instructional Technology

OLC Pre-Quality Review Checklist

Minimum Checklist to be completed prior to OLC Pre-Quality Review


  1. Confirm Electronic Distance Learning Request to Develop and Deliver form is completed and filed with DLIT Office.
  2. Request Development Course Shell and Distance Learning Course Template or course copy is uploaded into Development Course Shell.
  3. Distance Learning Course Syllabus including proposed activities and assignments is completed.
  4. Detailed Course Schedule is completed.
  5. Learning materials confirmed, including textbook, publisher content, etc.
  6. Course Overview, Module 1, and Module 2 of Distance Learning Course Template are completely developed and ready for pre-review, including module overview, module material, required module assignments and assessment.
  7. Upon completion of the above, schedule a virtual meeting with Instructional Design Coordinator will be scheduled and conducted.