Distance Learning & Instructional Technology

Pre-Record Your Lectures


Another option is to pre-record any lecture material and embed the video it to Canvas. We recommend that you pre-record lectures using Panopto, as this tool provides automatic closed-captions which can be edited to ensure ADA/Accessibility.


The Tech Side:

Already a Canvas User? Panopto is integrated in Canvas which makes it easier for you to embed and share your videos across you courses or via link to students.


Getting Started

In order to download the Panopto software on a university issued device, you will need "administrative rights." UNTD Information Technology is working to give all faculty using a university issued device this privilege. Please contact contact IT at helpdesk@untdallas.edu for more information.

Don’t use Canvas much? You can still use Panopto! Visit UNT Powered by Panopto  and log in with you UNTD credentials to access Panopto recording, captioning, editing, and sharing features. All videos created or upload via the URL will also be available to you in Canvas to share.


Pedagogical Recommendations

Accessibility Suggestions

  • Consider ADA compliance. Automatic closed-captioning is not perfect. Speak clearly and not too quickly to make the content as accurate as possible. Consider uploading other videos you use to Panopto to take advantage of automatic (though not perfect) closed-captioning. After uploading, use the editing feature to correct or add any words that may have been missed or not captured. This ensures the video is 100% captions and compliant.