Instructional Technology

We endeavor to provide instructors access to the knowledge, skills and resources to effectively integrate 21st century learning and teaching into the instructional program. We foster collaborative, technology-driven learning environments and support digital content creation that is learner-centric and visibly relevant.

  • Provide assistance and guidance to faculty in the use of digital technology to enhance and extend the learning environment in and beyond the classroom
  • Assist faculty in the development, production, and delivery of Digital Media in a variety of formats
  • Examine emerging technologies that might lead to improvements in teaching and learning.
  • Lead, administer, coordinate, support, and create opportunities for our academic community to leverage technology in teaching and learning.
  • Provide expertise, individual assistance, hands-on workshops, computer-based training, and special events, to educate faculty, staff, and students in the use of current and emerging technologies as they relate to online teaching and learning.