Distance Learning & Instructional Technology

Instructional Design

Instructional design is to courses as architecture is to buildings.  There are a variety of ways to approach instructional or course design.  DLIT adapts the approach defined by the foundational instructional design framework, ADDIE (i.e. Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, and Evaluation).  ADDIE is an iterative approach divided in to 5 phases. Each phase has a specific purpose:

ADDIE Instructional Design Cycle


  • Analysis – clarify instructional goals, outcomes and objectives, define the learning environment, and characterize the learners existing knowledge and skills
  • Design –systematically layout the plan for instruction based on the analysis
  • Development – design and develop the course in the learning management system
  • Implementation – create training for adjuncts and/or learners, insure needed technology is available and working in the online environment, classrooms, and labs
  • Evaluation – provide assistance and feedback according to Online Learning Consortium Course Review Standards, SACS and THECB best practices and research-based standards in distance learning

We strive to make instruction and learning more efficient, engaging, and effective.  To accomplish this, we work tirelessly to support faculty members according to their individual needs and, when appropriate, engage students during the course development process.  Instructional design and development is an intensive endeavor that is best done with a team.  The team-based approach ensures that we develop instructional products that meets the needs of our students, accrediting agencies, potential employers and faculty.

We endeavor to achieve our mission by providing the following instructional design and development services:

  • Supporting UNT Dallas faculty in the design and development of their courses for blended, and/or online delivery.
  • Defining strategies for enhancing student engagement and learning in the online classroom: active learning, problem-based learning, working with large classes, leading discussions, and more.
  • Promoting student-centered pedagogy through the Learning Management System, currently Canvas, that results in consistently positive student learning outcomes in the online environment.
  • Providing programs and individual mentoring and guidance on online teaching techniques, specific strategies for enhancing distance-delivered courses, and appropriate tools for assessing student learning in the online environment.
  • Promoting the use of technology and best practices in enhancing teaching and learning, including the use of distance learning technologies to increase the accessibility of the UNT Dallas' academic programs.
  • Working in cooperation with the Academic Programs to assure quality of distance learning courses and curricula.
  • Collaborating with faculty to further their use of technology for teaching and learning.

Cynthia Johnson, MS

Instructional Design Coordinator
DAL1, Rm. 156
Phone: 972.38.1443
Email: Cynthia.Johnson@untdallas.edu